Beyond Longer Lasting Sex: What Else Girls Want in Bed

Long lasting sex has got to be at the top of a girl’s wish list in bed. Nothing beats it. Your ability to get her to orgasm before you is a rare accomplishment and makes her want to come back for more and more. However, due to the premature ejaculation problems most men struggle with (nearly half of all guys, in fact!), it’s often difficult checking this one off the list. More often than not, delaying one's orgasm is not the reality, but the desire. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to make sure your girl leaves bed feeling satisfied and happy, which ultimately means you get to get out of bed feeling satisfied and happy. While there is no substitute for longer lasting sex, achieving that may take a while, even after you’ve determined you suffer from premature ejaculation and have taken the active steps on how to treat PE. While mate endurance will help you improve your stamina in bed, follow these five steps that don’t involve penetration whatsoever to get your girl off and to have her wanting to get back into bed time and time again. These steps will prevent her from telling her friends that “he came too fast” and instead having her say “I can’t get enough of this guy.”

1) Communication is key

Rather than playing the guessing game, ask her what she wants. If she’s just in the cuddling mood, that may be enough to satisfy her that evening. If she wants you kissing her from head to toe, get to kissing. If she wants your head in between her thighs, get to work. If she wants you to blindfold her and give her directions, put your director cap on and put on the performance of your life. Too often, partners just guess what each other wants rather than being forthright about it and asking up front. Communication helps you both cut the guessing work and helps you both determine what you’re looking for to get the most pleasure out of your time together

2) Dirty talk

Spice things up! Rather than the usual “Oh, that feels so good” or “you know all the right spots,” hit her with some of that dirty language. It will get her even more turned on, helping her reach her orgasm much more quickly. And once she’s gotten her moment of pleasure, she can turn to making sure you get yours 

3) Put that tongue to use

As much as guys like a good blowjob, girls definitely appreciate you reciprocating the effort. Eat her out with passion and desire. Get your head in between her thighs and show her the time of her life. You’d want her doing the same when treating you? Why not show the same respect when it’s your turn. And trust us, the better you give it to her, the more she’ll want to give it to you


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4) Mix it up

Being in a long term relationship can mean getting into a routine or habit. That habit often prevents things from getting spicy in the bedroom, as you both revert to what you’re familiar with. Surprising her with new additions in bed can get her excited and aroused even before you put them to use. Been meaning to order that pair of handcuffs on Amazon? Go for it! Been wanting to try out that new lube you heard about? Why not! And who says toys are only for Christmas? The more the merrier. Mix it up and see where the fun takes you both.

5) Keep it clean! (not under the sheets, of course)

As dirty as you may like to get under the sheets, it’s critically important that you keep both your overall room as well as your bed clean. Yes, that means re-racking your clothes on hangers before you have a girl over, placing new sheets on your bed or having an aromatic, scented candle while you’re getting it on. While this one may seem to have nothing to do with sex in any way whatsoever, not having a clean room and bed may prevent a girl from getting in your bed in the first place, let alone get her off

As mentioned, the above five tricks are simply bandaids, or temporary fixes, until you solve larger issues such as premature ejaculation. There’s no magic pill to solving premature ejaculation, but there are natural solutions which can help solve the issue, including mate endurance. Those pills, taken as part of a wider regimen of meditation, partner communication, stress control, new sex positions, amongst other things, will play contributing factors in achieving longer lasting sex.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.