Premature Ejaculation in Mainstream Culture

Premature ejaculation is often portrayed as a taboo topic, off limits to be spoken about, even amongst friends. For some reason, men are embarrassed to bring up the topics amongst themselves, even though it’s an issue a great number of men deal with (40%, in fact). Fortunately, while men may be sensitive to talking about the subject amongst themselves, media and culture have portrayed the issue over the years and in a variety of different formats, from premature ejaculation videos to gifs to song lyrics. 

American Pie

How can anyone ever forget that scene from American Pie, when Jim is ready to have the time of his life with Nadia? And what happens when Jim is ready to get it on? He ejaculates before anything even happens! Lucky for him, Nadia gives him a second chance. As his fingers glide down her body, he cums again! If that’s not the definition of #ejaculationproblems, I don’t know what is. Jim’s issue is nothing out of the ordinary. Ejaculation prior to penetration is one of the symptoms of premature ejaculation, and is actually a problem that’s common amongst men. Some men are just more easily aroused than others, and that arousal can often lead to guys cumming before anything has even happened. For Jim, a sense of over excitement and anxiety may have caused his premature ejaculation. That’s definitely a case in which some natural male enhancement products could have come to good use. Check out the premature ejaculation video from the American Pie movie for yourself here:


Lonely Island


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And how could we ever forget LonelyIsland’s 2009 video, “Jizz in my Pants.” That one has got to be an absolute classic. Andy Samberg mentions that from the sheer mention by the girl of “wanting to do more”, he “jizzes in his pants.” Another case of guys cumming way too quickly. “And when we’re holding hands, it’s like having sex to me. You say I’m premature, I just call it ecstasy.” While this may be a bit exaggerated, it’s another instance of guys cumming before any sort of penetration. The excitement at the thought of what is to happen in the sheets leads to a level of stimulation and arousal that often leads to men cumming before penetration has even happened. If you’re looking for examples of staying power, “Jizz in My Pants” is definitely not the best example.

Wet Dreamz

Examples of premature ejaculation are even evident in popular song lyrics! J. Cole’s Wet Dreamz explains a situation in which he’s about to have sex with a girl for the first time. Obviously, he’s a bit nervous, given that this is his first time having sex, and he wants it to be the perfect experience. In the lyrics, he mentions “I'm hoping that she won't notice it's my first time; I'm hoping that my shit is big enough to fuck with; And most of all I'm praying God don't let me bust quick.” You see, his biggest fear is not the fact that this is his first time having sex. His biggest fear is not about the size of his penis. His biggest fear is about cumming too fast! He says “most of all I’m praying God don’t let me bust quick.” The fact that cumming too fast is concern #1 shows how much of a fear it is amongst men and how much anxiety and stress it can induce. J. Cole’s #1 concern during this song is how to last longer in bed, a concern that men all over this world share. 


While the issue of men cumming too fast is often joked about in these portrayals, it is no laughing matter, as it leads to worse and shorter sex (or in the case of the first two videos, no sex at all!), embarrassment and anxiety, and conflict and tension between a man and his partner.  It is nice, however, to see the issue portrayed in mainstream culture, given that it so often goes untalked amongst friends. There’s no reason for it to be a taboo topic, given that it affects so many people. If people had conversations about it, they would more accurately be able to pinpoint the causes of premature ejaculation and think amongst themselves what some potential solutions to premature ejaculation may be. 

There are plenty of portrayals of premature ejaculation in mainstream culture, yet there are often few solutions that describe how to deal with it. Find out how you can start addressing your issues of premature ejaculation in our blog post, “5 Tips to Last Longer in Bed.” By taking proper steps to solve your male enhancement problems and address your premature ejaculation issues, you’ll soon be walking around talking like Drake: “I go on and on; Can't understand how I last so long; I must have the superpowers; Last 223,000 hours.” Well, you may not last 223,000 hours, but a couple more minutes wouldn’t hurt, with the help of Mate Endurance. Now that’s a delayed ejaculation pop culture reference we can get behind!